Federal Row House

Row Houses at Work – The Row House Storefront

Every now and then, a row house has to be more than a house. From the beginning of urban development, people have worked and live in the same buildings. Larger row houses are perfect for this intimate commerce. Below are a few of our favorite examples and we’ll be adding more as we come across them.

Zinc Bistro & Wine Bar

Zinc Bistro & Wine Bar
Zinc is a local French bistro restaurant and occupies the first floor of a Greek Revival tenement-style row house.
246 South 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA

Blendo boutique gift shop in a row house.

Blendo Boutique
Blendo Boutique sells vintage and unique gifts and occupies the first floor of a Federal Revival row house. Pine Street is known as antique’s row and most of the shops occupy row houses.
1002 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA



      1. Ah OK. If you are indicating the black cone-shaped bits at either side bottom, those are buffers that prevent the driver from hitting the wall. Better to bump into those and replace them than having to repair the actual wall. ~ Suzanne

      2. You know, I’m not really sure but here in Philly, you often have to pull in to your garage in a way that requires 0% chance for error. At least these protect your house. I’ve seen people use foam, like pool noodles and bumper protectors. Even without a specific name, contractors are going to know what you’re talking about. ~ S

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