herringbone bricks

Row House Review – Sept ’17 Edition

While I’m in grad school, it’s hard to write full length articles. However, I’m fairly active on Facebook. If you’re inclined, please join us there.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d share a digest of recent posts here.

If you’ve got cats in your row house, you might be able to incorporate some of these ideas like keeping the tops of shelves clear so they can purr-ch. BFDO Architects creates hiding places for cats in Brooklyn row house. We think it’s great when designers remember that sometimes the occupants of a row house that spend the most time inside are the four-legged variety.

Jazz great honored on row house wall in Philly! Philly is well known for its murals on row houses, ranging from tall-mast ships to raccoons with pretzels. Coltrane mural goes up in Philly . I’ll try to remember to post photos as soon as it’s done, but we’re really excited about a new mural being painted on the side of a row house in Queen Village.

Check out this renovation series in Ridgewood, Queens. These are grand row homes – spacious – with many artful details. To see another, check out an article we did a while back (https://goo.gl/h9Er3r). Part 8: Inside our newly renovated Ridgewood townhouse.

See what a fashion director does with her New York City row house. Elegant indeed! Fashion Insider Marina Larroudé’s Playful New York City Townhouse

One of these is a Workman’s row house in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn that we did an article about (https://goo.gl/nTkSPm) a while back. You can see the inside, which we weren’t privy to. Kensington home with secret storage rooms hits the market for first time in 50 years. We’re been acquainted with the workman’s rows for over 20 years now and still think they’re one of the nicest examples of decorative brickwork around. Just look at those arches!

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