Row Houses in Newburgh, New York

So excited that we were featured on the Newburgh Restoration blog this week! So I visited their blog to see what they’re about and saw this article about row houses:


There are some wonderful wooden row houses that we don’t get too many of in the city. And it’s nice to see row houses in small towns. Definitely worth checking out there site and reading about what’s new with their row houses!



      1. Anything about row houses – styles or history, renovation before and afters. I’m pretty open as long as it shows row house awesomeness!

  1. I write for Cher’s Newburgh Restoration blog/site. She had sent me your link to view when the Newburgh post hit on here. I’m the writer of the Row Row Row..”A-bode” post. Funny, I first saw your site a few weeks prior and was so intriqued by it, but it was before being re-directed to your NEW web location, and I thought it was an older blog. But happy to see it is still currently and actively sending the “Rowhouse Message forward” :). I have wonderful, recent Newburgh Rowhouse pics that I would be happy to share/e mail if you would like also!! Newburgh is so ripe and affordable for rowhouse lovers that are ready for an exciting journey to be part of the revitalization of the city!!

    1. Hi Mike, It’s so nice to meet someone else who loves rowhouses. I would love to learn more about what you have in Newburgh. How far are you from NYC? I’m originally from Brooklyn and am up there often and love an adventure!

  2. Urban Rowhouse…what a GREAT site to explore rowhouses. I write for Newburgh Restoration (Cher’s blog/site). I wrote the post Row Row Row “A-bode”. If you need recent pics on a variety of Newburgh Rowhouses, I’d love to submit some

  3. Hi Sorry for the repeat comment earlier. I thought the first one was too lengthy and was not being accepted by your site (so I wrote a shorter one and sent it). I’m currently purchasing an investment rowhouse in Newburgh. (I’m also in the midst of a “series of entries” on the Newburgh Restoration site titled “Diary of a NEEDY Rowhouse”. I lived in Park Slope and had a place in Fort Greene in Brooklyn too (coops not Rowhouses ) years ago. Newburgh has SO MUCH promise and with it beng just a bit over an hours is close enough to NYC to be commutable. It can really clutch at the heart while being VERY CONSIDERATE
    of the wallets of those that missed out on purchasing Brooklyn’s beautiful rowhouses. Honeslty an affordable NYC dream waits for those willing to explore Newburgh. Again…best of luck to your GREAT site/blog.

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