Happy Birthday RowHouse Magazine!

I am overjoyed to be celebrating the anniversary of our little web site. To celebrate we’ve made some minor changes to the design of the web site. We found it was hard to choose only the photos that fit in the space. By using flash, we can show a lot more in less space. We’ve also changed the homepage to a more update-friendly format. Going forward we’ll be updating more frequently.

Over the past year, we’ve gotten great feedback and made great friends. We’ve learned how to make our spaces a little nicer and we’ve visited places around the world, virtually speaking. We hope next year is going to be even better.

Even though things are going well, we’re not resting here at RowHouse Magazine. In the next year we want to increase our focus on the human element. After all, it’s not just great architecture that makes row houses so awesome. It’s the people living inside that make the difference.

Besides reaching an important milestone, we’re excited to share our first “on location” story about Beacon Hill in Boston, Massachusetts. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring this fantastic neighborhood just off Boston’s Back Bay area.

It was also a special pleasure to discover that the root of row house architecture in America is right in our backyards, here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I can’t wait to continue my exploration, which begins this issue with a retrospect of row houses in Philadelphia.

Finally I want to extend special thanks to all the people who helped us out this year and continue to do so. Thanks to our staff who help with editing and photography because I can’t be in eight places at once. Special kudos are deserved because this is a labor of love. Without your support, who know where we’d be. Thanks to the awesome people who we’ve interviewed this year for our articles. Thank you for being willing to share your stories and take the time to talk to us. And finally, thank you to all our readers who make all this work worthwhile. Thank you!

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