Virus Crochet Shawl

COVID-19 Row House Survival Guide: Crochet

I believe, we here in Philadelphia are now well into week two of social distancing. I am reading the word “bored” quite frequently. It’s amazing that in such a short time, we’ve become so externally active. A hundred years ago eating in a restaurant was a rare activity. Outdoor leisure activity was for the wealthy elite. Housekeeping activities took up the majority of the day’s energy. Being stuck at home was the norm for the majority.

Practitioners of hygge should be well-adapted to sheltering in place. It’s off season but reading, baking, crafting, and staying home coordinates nicely with the order of the day.  Maybe the key is to pretend we’ve had a three feet accumulation of snow and can’t get out.

Based on social media activity, the people who knit, crochet, and sew have been keeping very busy. Fabric and yarn stashes are being busted with gusto! Fellow creatives are using materials they forgot they had. No one is bored, or talking about politics. The fiber artists are a positive group focused on the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am among these. I have several projects going, as well as a nice stock of yarn that is begging to be worked up. There is something soothing about knitting (for other people) and crochet. Once you get the hang of it, which I have yet to do with knitting, it’s just the right balance of repetition, creativity, and productivity. It takes your mind off of things, because you have to count, without being overly intellectually taxing. You can crochet/knit in a group setting as to not alienate your family members or happily work solo, sharing your progress online.

One of the nice things about crochet is that it’s well suited for row home decor. Things like pillows, dishtowels, and throws work up pretty quickly. Larger items like blankets and tablecloths should keep you busy for at least a few months.

If you’d like to learn, there are plenty of videos online. Try search terms such as “crochet for beginners” or “how to crochet.” Many yarn stores are small businesses that would love to ship a kit to you because they are financially distressed right now. Definitely join Ravelry ( which is a social media platform devoted to fiber arts.  Pinterest is also full of ideas and inspiration.

Stay well and happy crafting!

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