The Rowhouse Workshop

COVID-19 Row House Survival Guide: Gratitude

Today marks six days that we’ve been practicing social distancing and keeping inside our row house. Aside from occasionally expressing our displeasure in the current state of things, specifically the administration’s muck-up, by yelling at our smart phones, we’re in pretty OK spirits. I figure getting mad and yelling is good therapy. There isn’t much anyone can do but it also doesn’t do well to keep it inside. So out the anger goes. Considering what we’re saying, maybe it’s better we’re not in polite company.

Once our primal yells are out of the way, we’re focusing on gratitude. Things could always be worse. Thanks to social media there is no shortage of heartbreaking stories. It is OK to be thankful that you aren’t experiencing certain hardships. If you can, pay it forward. If not, understand that it’s important to balance the fears and worry that come with staying abreast of developments, with reassurance that there are things to be thankful for.

Our current gratitude list includes:

  • The healthcare workers who are showing up every day to care for people, worldwide. People who are willingly exposing themselves, and their families, to harm. 
  • The people who provide support to the food chain, grocery workers, delivery workers. 
  • This morning our garbage was picked up.  
  • I can work remotely, actually with no disruption to productivity, or income.
  • I have lots of creative projects to work on that provide a distraction when things get overwhelming.
  • Home is a safe place and social distancing is working for us, especially for the introvert in our family. We’re actually really good at staying home and avoiding people.
  • Happy to hear that the administration is going to provide help to people. Now is not the time for profits over people.
  • No one we know personally has gotten sick yet and I’m pretty sure what we’re dealing with is seasonal allergies (no fever).
  • Two drug stores within walking distance. Actually, everything is within walking distance.
  • Phila Parking PPA has suspended parking restrictions. We found parking spaces close to home and can check on the cars.
  • Online fitness classes and still being able to walk around outside.
  • Our row house is holding up. No malfunctioning things. Now is not the time for something to break.
  • The sounds of people coming through my open office window. I hope they’re observing correct 6-foot social distance but it’s encouraging to hear life going about its business.
  • It’s warm enough to open the windows and air out the house.
  • Technology, which is a most welcome distraction.

Hope you are all finding your own ways to stay well, both physically and mentally, during this time!

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