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COVID-19 Row House Survival Guide: Cleaning

Greetings fellow row house dwellers! The mayor of Philadelphia officially closed the city on Monday but I was given the OK to work from home over the weekend. It’s Wednesday, so we’ve been observing social distancing for about five days now. The introvert half is quite pleased. I’m the extrovert half and am glad for technology so I can virtually participate in society.

I take working from home seriously and abide by strict hours of work activity. I’m so thankful that I don’t have to commute and can do laundry during my lunch hour, that I try to be extra productive. I’ve also been wearing comfy stretchy clothes, which is very nice indeed.

March is right about when we’d be planning our big spring cleaning so the timing is actually good for being forced to be inside so that we’re not tempted to go outside instead of cleaning. There’s also no rush because we’re stuck inside for at least another week. One day, one room. Got pesky organization projects to do? Go ahead – you’re stuck inside! Why not be productive?

The internet is still working so Google spring cleaning and get to it. I’m not particular to any one source for guidance but follow these general guidelines:

  • Move everything and clean under and behind.
  • Vacuum before dusting.
  • Work from top to bottom, which is pretty easy in a stacked house.
  • Launder everything you can.
  • Clean out enclosed places like closets and cabinets.
  • Keep up with normal cleaning.

Thankfully, it’s warm enough to open the windows for an hour or two a day. Fresh air really lifts the spirits and even with social distancing, opening the windows is OK.

In terms of COVID-19 specific cleaning, wash your clothing after one outside wear. Having designated inside clothes is good. Wear gloves outside and take off as soon as you get inside. Wash your hands as soon as you get home. Don’t wear shoes in the house. For more information, please visit

Another benefit of cleaning is that it’s a great diversion if everything is overwhelming. There is so much we can’t control but cleaning the house is something everyone can do, even the kids, and provides a soothing sense of accomplishment, even when it’s not done 100%.

Stay well!

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