Working from Home with Cats

COVID-19 Row House Survival Guide: Financial Tidbits

Greetings fellow row house dwellers! Hope this finds everyone healthy and hanging in there. Like many people, I’m working from home and am pretty much stuck in my own row house, which isn’t a bad thing because when I work from home I can wear stretchy pants and hang out with my cats.

Still, being stuck inside can be a little challenging. Those who can work from home and not suffer lost wages are in a pretty good position. Those who are going to lose wages, it’s a good idea to follow your local government social media channels and keep abreast of any news that might offer information about services and assistance. Here in Philly, both the electric and gas companies have said they’re making adjustments to billing and services, along with the water company. Utilities are considered essential services and they have people working customer service. Reach out and ask about your options.

Other countries have suspended mortgages and rents but I’d be surprised if that happens here in America. Still, reach out and see what options are available. I’d think that it’s worth offering some flexibility to people instead of having a million loan defaults on their books. Interest rates are really low so if you have an opportunity to take advantage of that, it’s a nice silver lining to a challenging situation.

In general, being stuck at home is a good time to take care of getting your personal business in order. Last year, I started to put together a death binder, that includes everything from financial information to my will. I’ve seen first hand, the difference it makes on your loved ones when they don’t have to scramble to get your affairs in order after you’ve moved on. Even if you can’t get everything finalized, you can start planning and getting everything centrally located in one place, along with a backup located somewhere else in case something happens to the original.

No matter what you find yourself doing in your row house, please stay inside. Seems like a minor thing to do but it’s really helpful.

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