Federal row house window box garden.

Welcome (back) to Row House Living!


For those of you who have stayed around while I pursue my graduate degree, I offer a heartfelt thank you! It’s been quite the four, or more, years and I’m happy to report that I am now a Master of Science! I’m also happy to be back among my row houses.

In truth, learning should be an ongoing endeavor; a way of life. Learning doesn’t have to be big, it can be small. Just a happy, constant seeking. Learning can include learning to do, as well as learning to be, and learning to understand. Learning can be like pulling the layers of paint and wallpaper back to discover years of life hidden beneath the surface.

For now, I’m taking a (small) break from academic pursuits and renewing my focus on row houses, with the new perspective that learning about new subjects brings. My main focus was in project management, a topic that is usually associated with business operations. However, I believe there is a place for project management in the home, making our lives run a little more smoothly. I’d like to adapt what I learned and pass helpful ideas and concepts along. Another focus was the study of creativity. There is no shortage of creative this and that on the web, but how can the tools and research that support creativity translate into the home?

I’m looking forward to this journey and hope you’ll continue to join me!


  1. Congrats!

    Jenet Levy
    Associate Broker
    Halstead Property, LLC
    212 381-4268 Office
    718 744-7158 Mobile

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  2. Good Evening, Congrats! Have you ever done and article on Baltimore Row Houses? Thank you, Scott

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