Row House of the Week: A Small Street in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, there are plenty of things that could do with improving; crime, violence, public schools, public transportation, etc. However, it could be these things that keep Philadelphia from becoming too crowded.

Beautiful blue row house on a small street in Philadelphia.

And, when your city isn’t over-developed, you get little streets with little blocks of little row homes such as this lovely example from the Fitler Square neighborhood. These represent your basic mid-19th Century type Philadelphia row house, unremarkable yet very charming, especially in blue with perky window boxes.

After living here for seven years, I can attest to a certain don’t fix what isn’t broken attitude that seems to be prevalent here. This attitude means that demolished row houses aren’t replaced with apartment buildings but rather with other row houses. And new row houses are made to blend in nicely with what’s already there. Little streets with little homes remain intact and we couldn’t be happier!

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