Federal row houses in Brooklyn, New York.

Row House of the Week – Wood Row Houses in Brooklyn

These are two examples of row houses with wood siding. Many row homes in the area appear to have been built with flat roofs or later adapted. See the comments to learn a little more about the house on the right!

Federal row houses in Brooklyn, New York.


  1. Beautiful houses 🙂

    Most of the frame houses in Brooklyn Heights were built with single-peak roofs. A few of the early houses were built with double-peak, gambrel roofs (like the house at right in the picture) that copied the Dutch-style vernacular houses that dotted Kings County and earlier row-house cousins in Manhattan. In the late nineteenth century, a lot of the single-peak roofs were raised to flat roofs to build out a full third story.

    And, the house at right — though built sometime between 1816 and 1819 — only had its dormers added in 2008!

  2. Hi Jeremy! Wow, I would have thought those dormers would have been included since it was popular at the time. I should know, having lived in the area prior to 2008, but did the house then just have a plain roof with no dormers prior to the addition or was there something there? I can see why they’d add the windows, the top floor must have been pretty dark.

    1. Yes, just a plain roof. Clearly shown in a series of photos from the 1920s/30s that there were no dormers. The building was a store for many years so the attic was probably just used for storage.

      1. Wow! That’s really neat but makes sense if that area was used for storage and not living. If you didn’t know better, you would never know the dormers are new. Kudos to the owners for making a style-sensitive change to their home.

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