Wooden row house in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

Visiting Wooden Row Houses in Brooklyn

One of my favorite row house neighborhoods in New York is Brooklyn Heights. Not only do we have fond memories from when we lived nearby in Cobble Hill, but Brooklyn Heights has a wonderful range of row houses. I recently found myself in the area and decided to take a few photos of some of my favorites. Unfortunately, I didn’t note the exact addresses as I walked around but these are roughly between Clark, Joralemon, and Court Streets and the Promenade. These represent a small sample as there are quite a few wood-sided row homes in the area.

Wooden row house in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

This home is a wonderful yellow color. The classically influenced lintel’s above the windows are rather unique. To the right is another row house with wood shingle siding.

Wooden row house in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

This is a very wide wood framed row house located at 13 Pineapple Street. Luckily, this home had a picture in one of my architectural guides (“Old Brooklyn Heights,” author Clay Lancaster) to the area so I have some additionally information. Built before 1830, this was likely a Federal home originally. The third floor was added in the middle of the 19th Century. It’s facade is covered with wood shingles.

A wooden row house in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

Fancy iron entrance on this one.

A wooden row house in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

This is a lovely Federal style, wooden row house with small-pane windows.

Related to these, is the blog The Wooden House Project, managed by Elizabeth Finkelstein, a historic preservationist living in Brooklyn’s South Slope. Ms. Finkelstein wanted to build a community to support wooden frame row houses in Brooklyn so she started The Wooden House Project. Like many cities, Brooklyn began to outlaw wood frame row houses during the 19th Century so the survivors are really quite special.

We are always really excited to learn about other people who love row houses and advocate their preservation.

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