Columbia Place row house in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Row House of the Week: Columbia Place, Brooklyn Heights

Columbia Place row house in Brooklyn, N.Y.Columbia Place is a regular stop on architecturally-oriented walking tours of Brooklyn Heights. It’s a quiet street, protected from the noise of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway by Alfred T. White’s (see White’s awesome row houses) apartment building.

These four, wood-frame row houses, built in the 1830s, represent a row of cottages that originally included nine. Even more unusual are the intact porches facing a very quiet street. It’s one of my favorite blocks in Brooklyn heights.

Worries about fire typically made row house development more likely in brick or stone later on but before 1850, it wasn’t unusual to have some rows in wood and there are a few lovely examples in Brooklyn.

While I was looking around for some information about these homes, I discovered this listing –, just in case you wanted to rent an apartment in one of them. My phone was taking horrible pictures this weekend; this website listing has much better photos.




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