Acorn Street, Boston, MA. Source: Amanda Beattie

Happy Holidays from Row House!

Acorn Street, Boston, MA. Source: Amanda Beattie
Acorn Street, Boston, MA. Source: Amanda Beattie

It’s the quiet before the storm (not really – just figuratively) here in chilly Philadelphia. We spent the evening walking around, shopping for last-minute presents at some of our favorite local stores (Blendo on Pine Street, Greene Street Consignment on South Street, and Paper Moon on Fourth Street), where it’s more like visiting friends. We have a wide variety of stores, many very reasonable, and the sidewalks aren’t crowded, even this close to Christmas.

Over the last week I’ve really enjoyed my commute home. Yesterday there were carolers in front of a restaurant, which was a lovely treat even if it was only for the five minutes it took to walk by. Most homes are decorated really nicely. Many row homes don’t need much more than fresh greenery, little white lights, and red bows to look really festive. There are a few that are channeling alien life on other planets but it wouldn’t be the holidays without at least a few over-zealous light displays.

I’ve also really enjoyed having the Christmas Village to look at from my office window. It’s a family tradition to drool over the German decorations, drink Gluhwine, and eat wurst at least once and we’re planning on visiting once more before it ends.

With all this Philadelphia activity going on, it seems odd to post a picture from Boston but I discovered this wonderful photo during the ongoing content transfer and since we don’t have any snow, I thought it would be nice to share.

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