FLOR Modular Carpet System

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FLOR Modular Carpet System
FLOR Modular Carpet System

Originally posted July 2008.

We think the FLORTM Modular Carpet System is one of the most fun home decor products ever. They offer tons of color, texture and pattern options and installation is quick and easy. You simply clean your floor, peel off the backing and stick the tile down.

The real fun is designing your rug. You can use the tiles to create an area rug or hall runner as well as complete wall-to-wall coverage. You can make your rug all one color and style or get really creative and make a complex arrangement with many colors and textures. Or you can choose from pre-designed collections that the specialists at FLORTM have packaged together. The only limit is your imagination. We’ve even seen FLORTM used as a wall covering and bulletin board.

Owning FLORTM is easy. Spill something on it? No problem. Just peel it up, rinse off in the sink, and stick it back down. Totally ruin a tile? Just order a new one and plop it down. No need to replace the entire lot which makes it a whole lot more economical than traditional carpet and rugs. FLORTM is especially great for people who change their home decor often or who have kids and want to have fun with decor without making a lifetime commitment. It’s so easy you can literally change looks seasonally.

Additional Information

FLORTM Carpet Tiles – www.florcatalog.com/service/flor/index.html

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