Philadelphia row house during the holidays.

Philadelphia Trinity Row House

This is a lovely Trinity row house in the Queen Village neighborhood in Philadelphia.
This is a lovely Trinity row house in the Queen Village neighborhood in Philadelphia.

We recently came across this wonderful article that talks about Trinity row houses and the benefits of the small streets of Philadelphia.

In “My Own Piece of Dirt” by Juliet O. Whelan, she says:

“Some of America’s first urban workers lived in a unique type of Philadelphia home called a Trinity. Examples date from 1720. Trinities were built to house the artisan classes flocking to a burgeoning city; but while these workers moved on to populate America, the Trinity House didn’t follow them. But the Trinity and the narrow streets that contain them warrant a closer look.”

“A Trinity, as the name suggests, consists of three rooms stacked on top of each other – and that makes the whole house. A Betsy Ross stair punches through, basically an elongated spiral stair that is so narrow and steep that, instead of a railing for balance, you haul yourself up using a vertically mounted steel bracket.”

Trinities aren’t the only great small row homes in Philadelphia. Small Federal row homes as well as the workman’s row homes are equally wonderful, creating a cozy feeling to a big city.

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