The Practice of ‘Use Half’

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how the little things can really make a difference and how getting off of auto-pilot consumption can really benefit not only the environment but also the budget and even personal health. It’s really tricky to remember everything when so much is coming at you so I was thinking of a way to simplify and came up with the practice of “Use Half.”

The implementation of Use Half means that before I eat, buy or use anything, I ask myself if I can make due with half of whatever I would have normally taken. It’s a little less painful than telling myself No all the time because it does allow for me to have some indulgence in life. For example, I can still have ice cream, just half. Instead of two paper towels, I try to use one. Instead of two premium cable channels, I’ll probably downgrade to one. My house is a perfect example since at 750 square feet, it is about half the size of an average home in the US.

Of course I’ve found that I need to be flexible. Sometime the problem requires the full amount. Some messes are that big. But at least I’m thinking about it and things are lasting longer, I’m eating less dessert without really being upset about it, and it’s another reason to love my little row house.

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