We’re catching our breath.

It’s nearing mid-January and I still haven’t dismantled my Christmas decorations and recycled my tree which pretty much sums it up. I had the best intensions on posting some neighborhood decorations but… well, just about now I wish this could be my only occupation but alas it’s a labor of love.

Anyway, onward we go into another year at RowHouse. We have several articles in the hopper including: a kitchen remodel with our favorite Middle Village, Queens couple; a departure into the world of the semi-attached; and learning how cleaning your row house can put you in a zen-like state of mind. Just as soon as I find my notes underneath eight tons of laundry that needs to be done.

More than ever, as I approach my two-year anniversary in my own little row house, I am devoted to row houses near and far. This year I hope to venture southward to Baltimore and Washington DC to share some of the wonderful row homes in those cities. I was very excited to read an article in The New York Times recently about how developers are making row houses in Germany that do not require heating systems. Apparently they are very well insulated and have a unique air transfer system that circulates the air with fresh air from outside but retains the heat. Absolutely facinating and absolutely green! Our own experience is that even without heat, it doesn’t really go below 51 degrees in our little house because by design, row houses are very efficient. As energy and resources become more precious, we imagine row house architecture will go through a revival, not only in the city but even in less urban places.

Finally, I got the most wonderful letter from a reader who wasn’t initially looking for a row house but ended up being a proud owner when her perfect house turned out to be one in a row. Happily settled in, she writes that she wouldn’t have it any other way. Our feelings exactly! http://www.rowhouse-magazine.com/index.html

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