It’s Spring in Philly

The city is thawing out around us here in Philadelphia. After sleeping snuggly in their rows during the cold winter, our row houses are waking up. Local residents are tending to their container and windowbox gardens and doing routine maintenance and improvements. The streets are full of people walking around, taking advantage of some slightly warmer temperatures and great shopping along South Street. Soon the green markets will return. Walkability is one of the best parts about urban row house living and I love it!

Our minds are thawing out as well and we’re thinking about the benefits of having a neighborhood outdoor green market. We’ve also noticed quite a few businesses that occupy street level floors of row houses and how cozy and welcoming they are. There is a Greek restaurant we especially love that lives in a little Federal row house we pass on our daily walking commute and also hair salons, clothing boutiques, toy stores, art galleries and more.

I’m happy to read that the real estate market is looking up. Row houses need devoted owners to preserve them. Without such owners, the houses don’t make it and end up having to be demolished, leaving a broken row. I like to think that as people try to figure out how to cut their expenses, they might consider living closer to work. If they work in a city, there is a good chance that they just might adopt a row house. With so many choices I think there might be a row house revival just around the corner.

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