Row House on a Roll!

Wow! What an exciting month for us here. Our visitors have more than doubled this month, thanks to the new format and more frequent updating. It’s nice to be getting out there and making new friends!

We have some really nice stories in the hopper for upcoming releases, especially the next story in the series about the history of the row house in American and the analysis of how different architectural styles have been represented in this humble abode. Also, we’re going to visit some of the last remaining Federal period row houses in New York.

As we continue to cover row house enthusiasm on location, we’ll be doing a feature on the Queen Village House Tour right here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am privileged to be a part of this event, as a house sitter, and hope to meet some really neat people as well as homeowners who will hopefully lend us their stories and share their homes with us.

And of course we’re welcoming Spring with beautiful warm weather. The city is in bloom with fragrant cherry blossoms. Such a welcome from the cold gray days of winter. It’s been so nice to get out there and take some beautiful row house photography.

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