A Mystery Solved

At one point I really did have everything under control. But somehow in all the excitement of buying a new home I failed to ask where my water heater was located. It’s a very small house with little room for modern comforts like indoor plumbing yet we were getting hot water out of the faucet so we figured it must be coming from somewhere.

When we discovered our heating system was broken, we got nervous about the condition of the other mechanicals in the home. We found electric fixtures that weren’t grounded and blocked hoses. When my husband pulled out a lint ball the size of our cat from the dryer lint catcher we decided that not knowing where the water heater was located was no long just something to laugh about. We prioritized the search for the last mechanical we had yet to make eye contact with.

It started with an accidental shorting out of the range. Who knew Easy-Off oven cleaner would cause a small explosion? Fearing the worst, my husband pulled the range away from the wall to see if it was completely dead. Behind the kitchen is the only place the water heater could be and yet it wasn’t there. All we saw was a cinder block wall. The range survived but we were completely baffled about the water heater.

Finally, my husband climbed over the kitchen sink and removed the counter and voila!! Our water heater emerged from the darkness and even looked like it’s in good repair. A definite relief given the amount of repairs we’ve had to do.

Our little 750 square foot home is a model, or slowly becoming so, of space management. Surprisingly, we all fit in nicely including our water heater. There isn’t one corner that isn’t utilized and we look forward to making it even more efficient in the coming years.

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